Par/Pixel and Brink

POS enterprise management across the globe through PixelPoint Enterprise Software.

PixelPoint Enterprise is the global advanced POS enterprise management solution for PixelPoint POS. Manage your menus, pricing, inventory and employees by assigned store groups or individual stores. Share PixelPoint’s built-in loyalty solutions for gift cards, membership and on-account programs across all stores. See how all or specific stores and employees are performing throughout your organization while sitting on your sofa with a tablet via WebView reporting.

This software subscription solution has been optimized for self-hosting within the Amazon Web Services cloud hosting platform. This allows for the most economical and flexible way to achieve privacy and full access to data and applications for PixelPoint customers with advanced IT needs. Alternatively, Enterprise can also be self-hosted within any private data center, co-location data center or cloud hosting service.

We have minimized the learning curve typically experienced with complex enterprise management systems through the use of the familiar and common PixelPoint BackOffice user interface. Whether your enterprise is two stores growing to 25, or a long-established, 125-store chain, PixelPoint Enterprise offers you all of the flexibility, scalability and administrative control you need. My POS Partners

Multi-level Menu Management
Corporate, Regional, Franchisee, Store level control

  • Pricing with schedule
  • Limited time offer with rollback pricing
  • Order menu items and position
  • Products available

Inventory Management

  • Recipe management
  • Store stock transfers
  • Manage suppliers
  • View stock levels

Web Based Global Reporting

  • Dashboard and detailed formed reports
  • Consolidate all, by region, by group, or by single store
  • Automate through scheduling and email
  • VAT support

Loyalty & Gift Program built in

Employee HR Management

Span multiple countries with one system

Superior Scalability

Superior Flexibility

Superior Localization