About CRS Texas


Glen Smith founded CRS in 1972 in Austin Texas after a successful career of 20 years with NCR. CRS has since expanded in the Texas market with additional offices located in Houston, San Antonio and Dallas.

Mission Statement

To provide the hospitality industry with reliable hardware, software, service and support. To continue this path with the understanding that helping our customers protect their investment in POS will insure long term success for everyone.

Key Personnel

CRS Houston Only

  • Brian Smith, president/owner, 28 years experience in the POS industry
  • Chuck Burkhardt, V.P. Dir. of operations, 15 years in the POS industry, 5 years hospitality industry
  • David LaRock, Sales, 20 years in POS industry, 22 years hospitality industry
  • Susan Domicolo, accounting and customer relations, 15 years in the industry
  • John Angel, field service manager, 10 years in the ECR/POS industry
  • Greg Smith, IT manager, 9 years in the POS industry, 7 years in the hospitality industry
  • Catherine Johnson, controller, 24 years in the POS industry

CRS is known as a leader in the POS industry. With installation ranging from single restaurants to multi-chain restaurants. Our larger installations include dog tracks, horse tracks and casinos. The multi-chain restaurants we manage span throughout the United States and overseas.

Sales are projected to continue to increase by 20% as CRS develops strategic alliances with manufacturers, software developers and dealers. Custom development by CRS on peripherals and other software modules has expanded our competitiveness to include marketing to other re-sellers of POS. With sales in the millions CRS can demand more from our industry suppliers, passing the savings and benefits onto our customers.